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Hi, we are a Digital Transformation Business Process Management Consultancy. We help organizations to stay competitive by bridging the digital gap between current digital capabilities and the demand of a digitally-driven business environment. Check out our portfolio and contact us for free consultation.

What can we do?

Competency Assessment

We help to assess maturity levels and gaps between the current and desired states for both organizations and individual competencies.

Skill Development Programs

We design and delivered training programs tailored to the specific needs and skill gaps needed in this digital landscape.

Continuous Learning

We foster an ecosystem that promotes continuous skill development and knowledge sharing through our extended coaching and mentorship programs. These initiatives help to guide employees in their digital journey. Additionally, we have strategic collaborative platforms that provides ongoing access to insights and resources, helping your team stay current with the latest development.

Strategic Change Management

This is a critical element in the digital transformation journey that requires firsthand experiences. We offer advisory and strategic coaching to help your team to connect with stakeholders early, securing buy-in, and support for your organization’s initiatives.

Our Feature Programs

All our programs are HRD Corp claimable. Do engage us to bridge your existing gaps…

Our Advocacy

We cultivate a digital mindset based on these three principles;

Lead Digital

as we don’t just follow trends, we set them. We hope with our forward-thinking strategies will help your digital leaders to successfully navigate, anticipate, and overcome the anticapated challenges in the digital journey.

Think Digital

We come with a digital mindset, hence, we want to help organizations to adopt a digital-first mindset so that organizations can have a holistic thinking from strategy to execution.

Govern Digital

We know that digital transformation can increase an organization’s vulnerability and exposure. Therefore, we aim to help organization mitigate potential risks to ensure the organization is secure in the digital landscape.

The Consultants’ Voices

What these experts got to say about digital transformation…

Digital transformaion | gig economy

Elsie Low

Digital Transformation will benefit everyone, but realizing its full potential requires an understanding of the fundamentals…

it governance | cybersecurity | project management

Choon Wai, Ng

The first step to managing cybersecurity threats is to understand the relationship between information and information systems…


George Fernandez

Automation and digitization across various industries are the way forward. Understanding their fundamentals and integrating human elements are crucial for successful implementation.

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