We are inspired!

The evolution of digital transformation and the rise of a multigenerational workforce that is reshaping the future of work.


Today’s challenges

While we have more digital natives today, the significant disparity is the understanding of how to effectively integrate digitalization into the real business ecosystem.

What can you do?

To address these disparities, organizations need to take several strategic steps to ensure their workforce can effectively integrate digitalization efforts seamlessly to their business ecosystem.

  • Invest in Training and Development that tailored to bridge the gap between technical skills and business application.
  • Foster the culture of Continuous Learning so that employees can stay updated with the latest technological trends and business strategies.
  • Implement Change Management Practices as transformation involves significant changes to business process, stakeholder engagement, support mechanism and communication.
  • Develop strategic vision and leadership that aligns with organization goals so that they can be equipped to navigate throught the complexities of the digital journey.
  • Cultivate Mentorship and Coaching with experience professionals as they can provide valueable insights, help to bridge the gap between technical skills and understanding the strategic application of digital technologies into the organization.
  • Encourage collaboration internally and externally as collaboration can help digital tranformation initiative with more resources, diverse perspective and insights.

Let’s help you to navigate your digital journey…

We, the collaborative consultants, share the same mindset, which is a willingness to share. We came with extensive experience and deep, practical insights that can be a valueable asset to help your digital journey.

We want to be part of this change by helping organizations navigate the evolving landscape, equipping them to adapt and thrive in the face of new challenges.

Valuelab Consultancy Services aka DXGIG@Valuelab is a business process management consulting firm established in 2017 to assist businesses and organizations in adapting to the evolving work environment.

VCS incepted from the visionary minds of seasoned IT leaders and practitioners, with over two decades of corporate experience.

Our Aim

is to bridge foundational gaps in understanding the real business ecosystem and addressing real-world problem.

Our Mission

is to create a framework of foundational skills through our skill development programs, enabling organizations to thrive and remain relevant.

Our commitment is to deliver value-driven consultancy, training, and coaching that drive growth, foster innovation, and ensure long-term success in an ever-evolving technological landscape. Our core philosophy is to equip organizations with the mindset to lead the digital journey, embrace a digital mindset, and govern the digital transformation process effectively.

Our Services

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Competency Assessment
We help to assess maturity levels and gaps between the current and desired states for both organizations and individual competencies.


Skill Development Programs
We designed and delivered training programs tailored to the specific needs and skill gaps needed in this digital landscape.


Continuous Learning
We foster an ecosystem that promotes continuous skill development and knowledge sharing through our extended coaching and mentorship programs. These initiatives help to guide employees in their digital journey. Additionally, we have strategic collaborative platforms that provides ongoing access to insights and resources, helping your team stay current with the latest development.


Strategic Management
This is a critical element in the digital transformation journey that requires firsthand experiences. We offer advisory and strategic coaching to help your team to connect with stakeholders early, securing buy-in, and support for your organization’s initiatives.