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Different Stages of Digital Transformation

Learn how to determine your Organization Digital Transformation Maturity Level…

Which stage are you at today?

These stages represent a progression of your organization digital transformation initiative and the stage of digital maturity and leadership.

Beginning Digital

Your organization already have basic digital capabilities but just started to explore and adopt digital technologies

The Characteristic

  • Very limited presence and engagement using technologies
  • Still at the traditional modes of communication, operations, and transactions
  • Limited awareness of emerging digital trends and opportunities

What Should You Do?

Focus on basic digital literacy and understanding of the fundamentals of the technologies, tools, and the concept of digitalization.

Doing Digital

Your organization already have the tools and systems in place to enhance your existing processes, operations, and services.

  • Already had digital tools and platforms for specific purposes, such as customer relationship management system, procurement system etc.
  • Already started basic digital strategies, with online presence.
  • Have digital technologies integrated with core business functions, but still work on some form of traditional methods.
  • Limited innovation as only emphasis on optimization and automation.

What Should You Do?

Focus on improving business efficiency, customer experience, and employee experiences by leveraging on existing tools and platform.

Becoming Digital

This is the stage that your organization already have strategies or have started the approach to digital transformation by looking into evolving your business models, processes, and culture.

The Characteristic

  • have strategic intiatives on investment such as cloud computing, artificial intelligence and data analytics.
  • have adopted speed and agility to enable rapid adaptation and innovation.
  • have transform your business processes, ustomer experiences or employee experiences as part of your transformation initiatives.
  • cultivate digital culture that focus on collaboration, creativity, and continuous learning.

What Should You Do?

Focus on embacing digital technologies as a catalyst for innovation, agility, and competitiveness.

Being Digital

This is the digital maturity stage where digital technology is deeply ingrained in the organization’s DNA,

  • Already shown tranformation through adoption of digital technology and capabilities across the organization, the culture of innovation and digital fluency.
  • Presence of changes in business model through adoption of emerging digital trends and disruptions.
  • Focus on digital innovation, market disruption, and customer-centricity.
  • Proactive in engaging digital opportunities, with commitment to lifelong learning and agility.

What Should You Do?

Focus on sustaining digital leadership and relevance in rapidly evolving digital landscape.