Digital Tranformation Practitioner 101

for aspiring Digital Leaders and Digital Drivers

Course Schedule


Monthly Intake

19-20 June 2024


2-day interactive Public workshop.

AeU, Subang Jaya


RM2,399 per pax (HRD Corp claimable).


certificate of attendance.

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Course Outline

In today’s digital landscape, it is crucial for organizations to navigate the complexities of the digital navigate organization through transformation.

Hence, this course is designed for aspiring digital leaders and drivers to learn the key fundamentals and critical success factors for them to drive digital transformation journey.

Learning Outcome

understand the importance of the digital leader’s role and responsibilities to drive digital transformation journey.

identify the critical success factor that will enable the digital transformation journey.

identify the key stakeholders and their charter to enable successful tranformation journey.

understand the key barriers and challenges to ideas to overcome them.

Trainer’s Profile

“…Digital Transformation challenges is not about Digital Adoption, it is the Change and Adaption to new shift …”


Course Modules

Module 1

Expanding from Comfort Zone

  • Pulse Check
  • Stepping out of Confort Zone
  • Understand the Digital Tansformation Fundamentals

Module 2

Introduction to Digital Transformation

  • Get it Right: Definition and the Taxanomy
  • The evolution and its impact
  • The Key Areas of Transformation

Module 3

The Critical Success Factor

  • The Leadership Charter and Commitment
  • The People Acceptance
  • The Governing Rules and beyond

Module 4

Key Stateholders and its Charter

  • Know your Key Stakeholders
  • Know the Key Pillars to Transformation (the 4Ps)
  • Define the Roles and Responsibilities for each charter

Module 5

Overcome the Barriers

  • Understand the Key Top Barriers to Transformation
  • Learn to identify the “Elephant in the Room”
  • Learn to overcome the key barriers and “elephant in the room”.

Module 6


  • Introduction to Design Thinking
  • Guest Speaker on how to Justify ROI on Technology Investment
  • Guest Speaker on Enterprise Architecture
  • Guest Speaker on the Digital Governance and Risk Management


The only program that provides you an opportunity to learn beyond the fundamentals

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