Digital Transformation – The Fundamentals

for Non-Technical and Aspiring Digital Drivers

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Course Content

Who said that only technical folks can learn about digital tranformation? Digital Transformation is 80% soft-skills, and 20% technollogy, according to Dr. Corrie Block, an Organizational Behaviour Experts who had led more than dozens of large-scale digital transformation activities.

We know and have experienced this. This is why we designed this course for you folks who are keen to learn about Digital Transformation initiative and how your can play a role in the transformation process.

Trainer’s Profile

“Digital Transformation is not about technology adoption alone, it’s about driving transformation and change” – Elsie Low

Elsie Low | HRD Lead Trainer | Transformation Coach |

Learning Outcome

The Concept of Digital Transformation

Don’t confuse digitalization and digital transformation. Understand and grasp the concept of Digital Transformation.

Digital Transformation reshaping business

Understand as how technology and tools can reshape traditional business model.

Digital Mindset

Gain the perspective as how to cultivate digital mindset to lead and drive transformation.

Elephant in the Room

Learn to identify, anticipate, and overcome the key barriers to transformation.

Real world case studies

Gain insights and persective in today’s digital transformation landscape.

Course Module


Stepping Out from Comfort Zone
Pulse Check, Back to Basic: Resetting the Clock “back to Day One”


The Fundamentals of Digital Transformation
Get it Right – the fundamentals and its taxanomy, Organization Management Model, Ecosystem, and Digital Drivers


Understand the Digital Transformation Landscape
Key components of Digital Transformation (4Ps), The techonologies and driving force to digital transformation.


Digital Transformation Strategy
Understand the structureal approach to develop digital transformation strategy using the 4Ds stages of process.


Implementing Digital Transformation
Learn to use the 4Ds approach and outline the stages of process and activities to implement successful digital transformation.


Sustainable Digital Transformation Journey
The key consideration for sustainable digital transformation (Lead, Think, and Govern Digital), Identify and overcome the key barriers to digital transformation.


Bonus Track : Towards the End Journey to Transformation
The key consideration that is critical to ensure sustainable transformation efforts, Lead Digital, Think Digital, and Govern Digital.