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Digitalization Makes Family Breakfast Reinvented!

Breakfasts are never the same…

Here’s how google my business makes your cafe searchable easily on google.

Almost every morning, Azie will indentify an area anywhere in the Klang Valley for her to enjoy breakfast. Regular breakfast joints are boring, she said. On her way out heading to the are identified, she will run Google Search on her mobile to find the exact place to go – the restaurant, cafe or stall. Usually in less than 15 minutes, she will find it.

How do I know this? Well, I’m the driver driving her around to those places and breakfast companion. She’s my wife by the way.

Those restaurants, cafes and roadside stalls that use Google My Business are the lucky ones. With the right information and keywords in it will determine whether their food joint will get listed on the first page of Google Search or not. This list is Azie’s main source of information, as she will check the rating and images there. Those with great images, complete information, great customer reviews and highly rated will be the ones she will choose.

Now imaging for a second here what this Google My Business can do to your business. Even though you do not blog, no website, no content, no marketing team, no search engine optimisation strategy whatsoever, this Google My Business is good enough to help your business to be searchable. All needed here is only a proper business address for Google to verify.

written by Azleen