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Key Roles to drive Digital Transformation

Key drivers

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Driving the Digital Transformation journey will not complete without these people behind the scene. Why?

The Four (4Ps) Pillars to Transformation

Digital Transformation evolves the organization’s people, the process, the platform, and the collaborative partners. To transform, we need to address these pillars so that organization can create a holistic approach to digital transformation that aligns with the business strategic goals and drives sustainable growth and innovation.

The drivers to Digital Transformation

We all know that digital transformation is all about transforming a business model with technologies, but a successful initiatives relies on the right mix of people and roles to navigate and manage the complexity of the transformation journey. The key drivers provide the necessary clarity, direction, and purpose to ensure that the transformation initiatives are aligned with the business’s strategic goals and are successfully implemented.

But, first understand who’re the key stakeholders.

The Key Stakeholders.

It is important to identify the key stakeholders necessary to complete the ecosystem for digital transformation initiatives. These stakeholders bring unique expertise and perspectives that are crucial for addressing the complex challenges of digital transformation. Without the right mix of these stakeholders and roles, organizations may encounter challenges with strategic alignment, project execution, technology integration, user adoption, data security, and organizational change management initiatives.

The cast behind the scenes

These are some of the digital transformation team requires to ensure comprehensive and successful tranformation.

The Sponsor

The sponsor’s role is critical in ensuring that digital transformation initiatives are well-supported, strategically aligned, and effectively executed during the digital transformation journey. Ultimately, they are the people who will provide you the vision, support, resources, authority and bridge oversights to drive the transformation journey.

The Specialist

These specialists are vital in the digital transformation journey, as they have deep expertise in specific areas essential for implementing and sustaining digital initiatives. They typically possess specialized technical skills, knowledge, and practical experience in the subject matter domain, necessary to provide a strategic view and effectively execute digital transformation strategies.

The Executors

They are the implementors, from individual teams that are responsible for implementing the strategies, carrying out the planned tasks, and ensuring that the transformation initiatives are executed effectively and efficiently. They are also the one that bring the digital transformation plans to life through their technical skills, knowledge, expertise, and hands-on work.

The Support

We cannot eliminate support roles as they are the backbone that allows specialists and executors to perform their tasks effectively. These roles cover a wide range of functions, including finance, human resources, legal, technical support, and customer services. At the end of the day, these support roles help with resources, compliance with regulations, and the organization’s governance and control etc.

The roles outlined above are not exhaustive but rather indicative of the diverse cast required to facilitate the transformation journey.